About Us

Electrical and Jointing

Western Australia-based Prestige Jointing and Electrical has been operating for over 10 years. In that time, we have gone from dealing in small to medium scale electrical work to handling projects on a larger scale. We now specialise in project lighting for parks, private roads, council lighting, ovals, and sporting complexes. We complete these projects all over metropolitan and regional Western Australia, often in conjunction with the state’s largest civil and landscape contractors and companies.

Lighting for parks and roads has become a key part of many large-scale redevelopments, particularly within town centres. Prestige Jointing and Electrical is responsible for many of these lighting projects, thanks to our ability to handle everything from design through to construction. As such, our work is now a feature in many locations statewide, including parks and playgrounds.

Other electrical work

As well as low and high voltage cable jointing and testing, we offer these services:

  • Cable fault finding
  • Earth rod installation
  • Earth grid installation
  • Earth testing
  • Low voltage and high voltage cable jointing

We travel all over WA

No matter where you are in Western Australia, we’ll ensure your lighting or electrical project is completed to deadline. Our electricians regularly travel around the state, and we proudly point to successful projects in locations as diverse as Esperance, Exmouth, Busselton and Perth as shining examples of what we do, and all the places we do it.

Professionalism is a given

We could tell you that our team is professional and trustworthy, but you expect that from us anyway. What we will tell you instead is that we work hard, we’re dedicated, and we’re very skilled at what we do. Our objective is to perform quality work and meet your deadline.

Safety and insurance

We place a high priority on safety: yours and ours. Prestige is covered by workers compensation and public liability insurance, and we maintain strict OHS standards. For further reassurance, our electricians will comply with specific safety requirements on your site.

If you’d like to know more about Prestige Jointing and Electrical, please contact us.